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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bibi Soothers...

Bibi is a Swiss brand and I came across their range online. I got Esra so many soothers, dummies, pacifiers (whatever you want to call them) from Tomee Tipee in the beginning, she only took one of the designs and the rest were a complete failure.

Now some mothers look at me, and say... "Oh you give your baby a soother?" like it's a bad thing, and I say "errr yes, it soothes her, it's a comfort thing". Some babies don't take them at all and some babies love'em. Esra is somewhere in between.

Luckily for me, Esra loves these Bibi ones.

I got her a night time and day time soother.
The soothers are BPA free, an orthodontic shape, a good fit for a 3 month old - it doesn't cover her nose, and it also comes with a case that the soother just clips into for hygiene reasons. However, one of the best details is in the design of the night time soother, it doesn't have a handle so she is less likely to knock it out accidental when sleeping.

I loved the design of the Looney tunes one so much that I also ordered the soother holder to match, It's brilliant and doesn't detach from her clothes unless I detach it myself.

I would highly recommend as they are affordable yet a little different from the average soother. Check out some of the range HERE.

What kind of soother does your baby like?


♥ Miss Hijabi said...

I started using them at the beginning but stopped giving them to my bub because I didn't wan her becoming dependent on them.

They do come in handy though - she once had a tummy ache and the only thing that would put her to sleep was the dummy.

beautylogicblog said...

It's interesting my lil guy never liked pacifiers (that's what we call them in the states). I tried to give him one and he just spit it right out. Esra is so beautiful.

umm muhammad sa'd said...

Salaam, I used bibi soothers for my 1st son but recently ordered a couple from a company called born free for my 2nd. They're quite similar in design.

I started using mine for my son when he was about 11 weeks old to soothe him to sleep better but found that my milk supply dropped as he wasn't feeding as often. Are you still exclusively breastfeeding? Did you notice a change in feeding cos of the dummy?

Rica said...

Hi muhsine! First, Ur bub is so so adorable. I have a 5 month old baby girl and she chews her pacifiers like a teether. The thing is i never let her get accustomed to sucking a pacifier when she was younger. Hence her refusal to suck on it now.

I got her the avent one, as it's BPA free, orthodontic, n has age guide. Not just one size fits all. It comes in cutes colors n designs.

By the by, i recently started a new baby fashion n makeup blog too if you're interested. The address is

I'd love to hear ur thoughts.


preeya said...

I used nuk starlight dummies with my 2 children. As i exclusively breastfed my 2 up until 9 months and fed them both as many times as they wanted. To me its extremely important for them to find comfort and these are great or they'd be latched on all the time, especially when it comes to sleeping :)

Glitterish Allsorts said...

I wad desperate for my son to take a soother because he was practically chained to me! Unfortunately he would always spit them out after a few seconds. Thankfully he learned how to self soothe shortly after so i guess it all worked out in the end.

That photo of Esra at the bottom is so cute mash'Allah that it makes me a little broody again!

Muhsine Emin said...

@Miss Hijabi - I know, I'm going to try and stop the dummy after a few months, it's ok for little ones but looks a bit funny when they are older.

@beautylogicblog - Thanks hun :)

@umm muhammad sa'd - No, she spits the dummy out when she's hungy and starts crying, she only takes the dummy when she is full, ans only sometimes when she is hungry for a few mins until she realises there's no milk.

@Rica thank you :))

@Preeya, yes the dummy helps her to sleep, she knows it's bedtime when the lights go off and she has a dummy in her mouth.

@Glitterish Allsorts Aww :) thank you.


Asiya said...

Neither of my kids like pacifiers, although my mom was all for them, she kept saying that they were good to help babies soothe themselves instead of always relying on mummy.

By the way, I did some research of my own online, and I found this website for parenting advice by a pediatrician named Dr. Greene, and according to an article on his site, the American Pediatric Association couldn't find anything show that pacifiers had any longterm effect on babies' teeth, soothers are fine.