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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bath Time...

I really hunted for a baby bath when I was pregnant, in fact I ended up buying it a few days before my due date. I was petrified that I wouldn't get one on time and that I would have to bathe Esra in a bucket! :) Luckily I got it just on time!

I opted for the FlexiBath.

Price: £29.99
It's a bit expensive compared to standard baby baths but if you are short on space it's definitely worth the extra £'s!

It's perfect for those wanting to save space as it folds up very neatly and clips shut. It's available in an array of colours, I got the plain white as it was hard to track some of the colours down. (I initially wanted red.) It's been great and they also do toys that attach onto the bath.

I also have a newborn insert but I can now kind of manage without it.

I love the Burt's Bee's products for Esra, they smell lovely and don't irritate her skin. Esra has also suffered with a little bit of dry skin and I initially used E45 but it did nothing, so am using the Oilatum junior which has helped quite a bit. I have been sent some Apivita baby products and have the Body Shops Buriti baby products on the way so it will be good to see how they compare.

What are your bath time favourites?