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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I am in love with books... Children's books, beauty books, cook books, craft books, baby books, anything you name it, I have it.

I was one of those kids that used to go to my parents with uncontrollable excitement before the book fair came to school so that we could save up for it. My passion still goes on, and lately I am obsessed with children's books, and am building up a collection for Esra.

My favourites include The very hungry caterpillar and Each peach pear plum.

I read to her as often as I can and she really enjoys looking at the pictures and listening to me. I'm storing the books on the bookshelf in the sitting room at the moment, but that's only temporary as it isn't really working as the spines are so thin it takes me a while to find what I'm looking for.

I need something more like this... I'm going to see if I can do a DIY project for children's book storage and let you know if I succeed.

What are your favourite children's books and how do you store them?


Dara said...

When Esra is a little older you should read Lauren Child books with her, her illustrations are gorgeous!

:) x

Muhsine Emin said...

@Dara I love lauren child, I cant stop watching charlie & lola, I also got her pippi longstocking and the illustrations are by her, so gorgeous! x

Emma x said...

We have soooo many books for Sebastian. I have ones that are board books which i put out with his toys(i swap them around every few days) and he loves to sit and look through them, then i have others that are paper pages that live on the shelves in his room with some funky bookends. Then we have our library books which live in a book bag so they don't get mixed in with ours. I love Dear Zoo, We're going on a bear hunt and The Gruffalo, among others!
Its really important to have books around, did you know a study found 1/3 of chilsren don't own a book?

Asiya said...

I've always wanted to build a bookshelf like in the last picture, but I'm not very handy with tools, still, i found this
Martha Stewart Children's Bookshelf and I'm hoping I can convince my sister to help me build it.

Rica said...

Hey muhsine, this post makes me wanna build a bookshelf like that too for my 28 weeks old baby girl. Now you make me google all nursery images for inspirations. Thank you for the wonderful idea!