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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Loopy Links...

These Loopy links by Playgro are amazing, as amazing as Freddie.

At first I was hesitant to order these as I thought they weren't really necessary, but I was wrong. They definitely are necessary!

I will explain why....

There are 24 links in various colours and sightly different textures, you can link them to almost anything. My favourite way to use them at the moment is draped over her cot as she loves grabbing them. I also attach them to her bouncer and car seat and I have even used them as bath toys.

You can also attach toys and books to them so that you wont drop them.

They are perfect for little hands and keep her entertained for about 15 minutes at a time, I use them everyday in different places and switch up the toys I attach to them. Esra is seriously LOVING them and has also recently started taking them to her mouth! :)

Price: £5.79 on Amazon.

Worth every penny.

Do you use these kind of links, if so what's your most creative way of using them?


Emma x said...

These are brilliant, i can't recommend them enough. Our little boy is 13 months and only recently stopped playing with them. They were great to clip onto the straps of his pushchair to keep him entertained and were also fab if we were going out to eat and he was in a highchair as they kept him busy while waiting for food but they weren't too big or heavy to have in the changing bag or annoying to other people.

Muhsine Emin said...

@Emma - So you definitely got your moneys worth, sometimes the simplest toys are the best! I hope Esra loves them up until 13 months too :) I will be trying them on the highchair once she's old enough :)

Anonymous said...

I have a 3 month old and these look like they would be great for her! Thanks for sharing!

Also - I follow you on Twitter and I remember at one point that you had mentioned that you have a Skip Hop Studio diaper bag. Would you consider doing a post on this? I'm looking for a new diaper bag and would love to see what the studio bag looks like!


Muhsine Emin said...

@Abby - Yes, I'm planning to do a post on the skip hop bag, I'll make sure that it will be my next review. xx

Shelly Freckle said...

Hi Muhsine, thank you so much for all these wonderful recommendations!! :) I am 29 weeks pregnant and wanted to just get a few toys, but no idea what! I bought freddy after your review and i think I might just get these too then that's enough until bubs arrives!
Great blogs - both yours and Esras :)

fantastic said...

have i really not commented yet?! I love these! Baby uses these as well..but he also likes the Sassy ring of links (the one with the black and white rubbery main ring).

These days he chews on them like crazy, but I've read that they're useful when they're around 12 months (they can link them themselves), and at that point you can also use them to keep kitchen cabinets (and similar things) closed shut!

Best deal, and so many uses :) xx

Muhsine Emin said...

@Fantastic I have the sassy one too :) I keep that attached to the car seat at all times or in my handbag, these ones stay at home :) xx

Anonymous said...

i love your Blog !

esra c.