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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


If you live in a cold climate and your baby is susceptible to colds, you NEED NoseFrida in your life!

Why? Because babies can't blow their noses so they just store the boogers (snot) inside and their colds last longer. Esra is recovering from a cold, and it's really painful for a mother to watch their little one suffering, so after some research I ordered the NoseFrida over the traditional bulb nasal aspirators and it came through the post today and wow it's AMAZING, instant results!

I ordered it from Amazon for £8.50 (I love amazon)

How it works is, you pop the pointed blue bit into the nostril (not too much and very gently) and then you put the red bit in your mouth and just suck the boogers out. Check out THIS video on YouTube for a demo.

Don't stress, there is a filter so you don't get the boogers in your mouth! :)

It's a useful piece of kit, and I would recommend it for babies and young children with runny noses. Esra starts smiling during and after the process as she is instantly relieved.

A big thumbs up from me!


Fatma said...

hamileligim esnasinda arastirmistim bu nose aspirator olayini,youtubedende izlemistim her birini kullanan kisilerinde yorumunu okumustum.kimisi bu sekilde olanlar kimisi klasik olanlari tavsiye ediyordu.

Ecrine ya bunu yada pille calisan muzikli olanlardan alacaktim ama dogduktan sonra anladimki bizim kiz yerinde duran bir bebek degil,kipir,kipir kesinlikle burnuna birsey dokundurmuyor...

evde klasik olanlardan vardi onu kullaniyorum simdi o uykuya dalmadan once yapiyorum burun temizligini...klasik olanda,ise yariyormu? yariyor ama perfect degil:(

Anonymous said...

Babies have the natural ability to clean their nostrils by sneezing for example! It is plain marketing that you have to use this kind of things!

Muhsine Emin said...

@Fatma - Olsun, az bile yarasa genede iyidir :)

@Anonymous - I disagree, Esra is having a much speedier recovery, try not cleaning your nose and see how much slower you get over your cold, the gunk needs to come out in my opinion anyway :)

Anonymous said...

hi muhsine

i read this blog post when i was pregnant ,, now my baby is almost 2 months old & been having a runny nose alot !
the regular aspirator took way too much time & she was disturbed by the blowing / sucking technique :(

so i ordered this from amazon & its AMAIZING !
so thank u for this post ( & for ur great 2 blogs )

i wouldnt even know about nose frieda if it wasnt thru u !
thank u so much from me & my baby ;)